About Me

This is a blog made to share my passion for vertical flight. The views presented here are my own and do not reflect the views of my company or any other affiliated entity. This site is still very much under construction.

About me:

I’m Tom, a utility helicopter pilot from Norway. I’ve been a pilot for 7 years and in the industry for 12. Being a pilot was a childhood dream of mine, and even among my peers I guess I am regarded as a bit of an Avgeek still. I feel very privileged to get to do what I do and I try my best to never take my job for granted. Additionally I am a Safety Manager, and use this platform to promote general helicopter flight safety outside of work. Some of you know I like to share pictures  on Instagram, you can find them here: @thathelicopterguy

More about me in this interview in HeliPress: Interview

Interview with Enjoy Flying: Pilot of the Week

Article in the Aug/Sept 2018 issue of Vertical Magazine: Into the Ice

My gear:

Since I’ve usually got my hands full with flying I rely on mounting the camera somewhere. I use a DSLR gorilla pod or a sturdy tripod, both of which I tie down securely. I also tie down the camera so that there is no chance it can fall down and  jam the flight controls or cause injuries in a hard landing.

Primarily I use a Sony A7II camera set to timelapse mode. I start it prior to lift-off and let it do its thing. That way I can focus on flying and leave the camera alone. I also have a GoPro Hero 5 Black.

Camera Setup

Camera setup.2015-08-31 09.57.42-2








I only shoot RAW to make sure I have ample opportunity to edit my shots. I try to create pictures that match the world as we see it. That is hard to do without any editing because of the limited dynamic range of cameras. Sometimes I can get carried away and ruin shots altogether, other times I go for a more artsy expression.

Lightroom for PC and iPad
Snapseed for iOS

In Lightroom I usually increase shadows and lower highlights. I may add a touch of clarity, a bit of vibrance, some contrast, and some noise reduction. In Snapseed I use various adjustments to add some punch. Below you can see a before and after shot. Only Lightroom for this one.






7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hei. I’m a 15 year old girl and my dream is to become a helicopterpilot when I’m older. I know the way wont be easy, also because there are so many people out there who has the same dream. I’ve always been inspired by these “birds”. I actually think a helicopter is what I’ve been most inspired of in my whole life. I just need to see an helicopter and can dream of it the next hour. Haha, but enough of that. I really like your blog and not at least yor pictures. I’m very thankfull and I guess your pictures will be the once that inspires me all way long till I’m a helicopterpilot, so keep it up!! 🙂


  2. Awesome pics. I was wondering if you might do a post going into more detail on the specific gear and processes you use? One thing I am especially curious about is how you mount your bigger cameras in the helicopter. I am an aerial surveyor and work extensively in helicopters.


  3. Hey Tom,
    I am a college student with Embry-Riddle WorldWide and University of Maine in the states. Already having my fixed-wing license and continued training I have always wanted to pursue a fixed-wing corporate gig, but have grown interest into the heli utility work such as yours, logging, and heli-skiing. Coincidently enough, I have always wanted to visit Norway and from following your social media, I would be ecstatic to speak further about an internship with your company. Going on flight missions would understandably be hard due to payloads and lack of certifications, but occasional flights, being around loadmasters and being in the field is great footstep into the industry. I have worked for a multinational FBO provider as well as Delta airlines so I know what it is like to be in the high-paced aviation industry. I have not been able to find the company you work for, but if this is something they would welcome, I would love to pursue this conversation.


  4. Hei. Eg vurderer å ta CPL(H). Men lurer litt meir på jobben, synst som oftast høyre om berre positive ting med å ve pilot, men lurte litt på ka du meine er det harde/vanskelige med å verre pilot er??
    Mvh Kjell Einar


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