Vortex Ring State – Vuichard Recovery Technique

I started looking into the Vuichard Recovery Technique a few months back and quickly realized the potential it has in making a recovery from Vortex Ring State at low height. Mr. Vuichard was most helpful in explaining the maneuver and the dynamics of it to me over the phone. Here is a link to a Rotor & Wing article about the phenomenon that is VRS and the Vuichard Recovery Technique.

Flying Through the Vortex

Flying building materials for a cabin near Fredrikstad.

For the Right Reasons

There is no getting away from the fact that being a pilot looks very appealing to many. And judging by the pictures I share it looks like a dream job on the surface. What isn’t as apparent though is the hard work most of us put in to get where we are. Even less apparent is the large number of fellow flight school students who fail to achieve their perceived dream. They are no different from the rest of us, just as bright (or even brighter perhaps) and just as good. So why do they leave the industry before reaching their goal? Continue reading