Poor airmanship in an R-44

So how is this for airmanship?

Please leave comments, but comments attacking the R-44 will not fly. I don’t care for people who look down on pilots flying what they might consider inferior airframes just because they are flying a big fancy turbine helicopter. Handled correctly and on the right kind of job, the R-44 is a safe machine.

2 thoughts on “Poor airmanship in an R-44

  1. It ocurred here in Brazil, apparently the reason of the forced landing was the overweight. In Brazil some pilots sell flying experience, for exemplo: 3 minutes of flight for 50 reais( 23 dollars), a real risk for aviation.


  2. Totally bad airmanship from the beginning of the video and at the end. From what you can see in the video, the pilot came with the helicopter very fast and makes a bit of a flare at almost touch down, after it performs a no hover takeoff, and it seems when it takes the passengers that the rotor is not at full nominal RPM when it tries to take off the first time. Leaving the helicopter, in that condition with the rotors turning and passengers inside… They should take their license for life. Even the guy filming says it was going to happen, it takes good judgement to fly, but this is not good judgement at all. Regardless of the helicopter type this is dangerous flying and puts safety at risk, of those in and around the helicopter. Regards.

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