4 thoughts on “5 Videos Every Helicopter Pilot Needs to Watch

  1. Great post! I find the autorotation video to be particularly relevant to helicopter pilots since, as they say, the maneuver itself it’s quite well explained and practiced during training, but the fact of finding yourself at cruise speed or in a “non-controlled” environment and having an engine or tail rotor failure can cause (most) pilots a lot of problems, I think.

    As the people in the video say, during training you are in a situation where you “expect” the simulated failure and always have a sort of “safe landing” place, but what if it happens flying over mountains or any other place where there are no suitable forced landing areas?

    Anyway, great posts, love this new blog of yours.

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    • I agree. And I hope most pilots flying in areas where there isn’t an abundance of suitable landing-sites make a habit of keeping the best ones in the back of their minds in case something should happen. I try to brief my loadmaster about where I’d go when I know that my options are limited. That being said I could probably be a lot better at doing it more often.


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